All the variations of the Hebrew root ב.ט.ח

the root connections of the root ב.ט.ח

today we will learn what is the connection between Avigdor Liberman and the company that insures your car.
Today we will talk about an institution that you all hate and root that all of you should know: ב.ט.ח
which is connected to words
that means: safe, security, sure, trust, and more
Most of you know ‘Bituh Leumi’
(ביטוח לאומי)
if you read my previous posts you know that
National – לאומי.
But what is ביטוח׳׳”?
ביטוח- insurance
So (ביטוח לאומי) actually means national insurance. (The person how named it had a really black sense of humor)
As you can see even in English the word ‘sure’ is surely connected to insure. So the word ‘sure’ in Hebrew is for sure.
בטח- sure, surely.
By the way, “For sure” or “secure” means (בטוח) with an ‘u’ sound in the ‘t’.
So how ביטוח (which is insurance) is connected to secure
Well.. People make insurance to feel secure and safe.
שר הבטחון – minister of defense
the minister of defense is Liberman – mystery solved
We also use the word ‘׳ביטחון with connections to word that implies confidence or self -assurance.
For example: self assurance/ confidence = ביטחון עצמי.
I am not sure (לא בטוח) that we covered everything. Acutely, sure enough (די בטוח) that we didn’t.
So stay tuned for the next lesson I promise (מבטיח) to continue.
P.s: I promise is מבטיח same root ב.ט.ח.

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