How to say “to knew” Hebrew

In this tutorial we will learn how to say to knew and to recognize in Hebrew

In Hebrew there are 2 words to say ’’to know’’ and unlike English there is a difference in meaning between them.(if you know french this is more or less the difference between connaître  and savoir)

 The first word is להכיר and you can use for people or things that you recognize for example people or places.

So you can say: I know Tel Aviv – אני מכיר את תל אביב// I know him – אני מכיר אותו

The second word we use is לדעת and for knowing things that need time ,hard work, all sorts of functions (walking and talking)or intimate knowledge to know or to learn.

For example: languages,mathematics, to ride a horse…

So you can say: I know Hebrew- אני יודע עברית //

I know how to count to ten – אני יודע איך לספור עד עשר

A good “thumb rule” is if you use it with the word  HOW in English it will probably will translate  under the category of לדעת.

To know or to learn more see the video – בשביל לדעת או ללמוד עוד ראו את הסרטון