Plagues of Egypt – עשר המכות

in this post, we will review the ten plagues that God inflicted on Egypt.
But before we start with the plagues let’s clarify something, in Hebrew, it’s not ‘plagues’. it is – ‘מכות’ – which are hits or blows which is the plural form of the Hebrew word: blow, strike, hit – מכה.
so, back to the plagues that are called in Hebrew “עשר המכות” or “עשר מכות מצרים” or “מכות מצרים”
Ten – עשר
Hits, strike – מכות
Egypt – מצרים

1) blood – דם
2) Frog – צפרדע
3) Lice – כינים
4) a mix Wild malicious animals – ערוב – (This word has the same root like the word mix in Hebrew, for example, the phrase ‘mix crowd ‘ is ‘קהל מעורב’ in Hebrew 

5)Diseased livestock – דבר – ( originally in the Bible this was a disease that struck the cattle, can be used in modern Hebrew on certain occasions as a synonym for the word ‘plague’ )
6) Boils – שחין – (a skin diseased)
7)Hail – ברד (which function not only as hail in Hebrew but can be used as the word for ‘slurpee’ as well)
8) Locusts – ארבה
9) Darkness – חושך
10)Death of firstborn – מכת בכורות – (in this one God strike – הכה/מכה all the elder’s son of Egypt.(בכור means in Hebrew ‘elder’ )

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