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hi, my name is shlomi and I will be your teacher in the upcoming courses.
a bit about myself, I have been a Hebrew teacher for the past 7 years. I taught in numerous Massa programs. like ,aardvark,bina, yahel & more. all, by the way, very good programs. check them out.
a have a B.A in philosophy & multidisciplinary arts.
I studied  3 languages at the University. so you will have, not only the benefit of me as a teacher that taught hundreds of students from over 20 countries, but also my knowledge as someone that have been at your position and knows how to implement the best method to learn any language more effectively and at ease.
but please, don’t start to delude yourself. unlike what some ad’s say. you can’t learn a language in 5 days. anyone that say otherwise is trying to sell something.
the study of language is combined from: 20% talent, 20% best method and practices, and 60% of hard work, that no one can do for you. not even me….
so, if you ready to put time & effort —  you came to the right place.
but if you are looking for magical solutions. may i suggest a “harry Potter” book. preferably in Hebrew 😉

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