ulpan courses

   learn Hebrew fast. 

Hebrew Ulpan Courses.

small classes.  
no  magic involved – simply less students in class.
more attention to each student for a more productive lesson
(3-6) Really Small ulpan class!

private lessons

online private lessons are available.
and if you are in israel.
we can do it face to face as well 🙂
"very good, useful, and fun Hebrew lesson! i will definitely return." (you can find all original comments in my facebook page 🙂 )
Jen Bernstein - Henlon
"ulpan with shlomi was awesome. useful, relevant, engaging. ulpan with shlomi with beer sounds even better. wish i could be there!"
Becca Garfinkel
"useful lessons. in a good athmosphere execellent after a working day." (you can find all original comments in my facebook page 🙂 ).
Sonya Vasilyeva

5 facts about your teacher

1) i had hundreds of students

2) from over 20 countries

3) my favorite color is purple

4) my counting is a bit off


about the hebrew on the bar meetings

No Strings Attached Hebrew Lessons. For Only 50n.s You Get More Then 2HR Lesson.
The number of attindings at this get together is limited to 14.  so hurry and register to insure your place.
you also will get for the first lesson a glass of beer. the next lesson you will get a beer only if you will do your homework. if a free beer will not motivate you to do your homework.          I don’t know what will..  

beer and pizza

about our host

abarbanel is a lovely pizza & bar. loacted in the trendy florentine area. check them out.
importent to know: the bar open at 9 pm. so we have the place for our self during class

our tech resources at your service

60 inch t.v connected to the web in the class.

dedicated youtube channel & a web based worksheets,  an exslusive variety of apps & web tools connected to our vitual class.

no more  books from the neolithic period.

start doing your homework at work !

smart solution, for smart people, in a smartworld!

to learn more, so much more…


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